Preparing for a Wedding Fair January 2020

What should I take to a Wedding Fair? Specifically the wedding fair at The Holiday Inn South Normanton on 26th January 2020

Its not always easy deciding what to take when we are exhibiting at a Wedding Fair.  We would really really like to know what all the visiting brides would like to see, then its a question of how big is our stand space and how much can we fit in the car.

Years ago when I first started standing at wedding fairs we used to take a rail of dresses and a big display of headdresses etc. and my 2 daughters who were young enough to flit around in pretty bridesmaid dresses and hand out leaflets. Occasionally my husband was coaxed into a tailsuit and top hat too, how things have changed......

Now I have sooooo many dresses its impossible to know what to take and we find that you ladies prefer to see them on mannequins, and lets face it they look much nicer that way than on a hanger, but they take up lots more space in the car.  My car is pretty good, I can remove the back seats completely and make it almost like a small van but its still a lot to pack in and I certainly don't want to take 2 cars unless we are doing a catwalk show (then its inevitable).

So when we were told we had about 12 feet of space at the Holiday Inn show at South Normanton we were really tested to the limit.  We managed to pack into 1 car: 3 tables (to stand mannequins on), 1 6'x6' dress rail and 24 wedding dresses in assorted sizes from both our ready-to-wear rail and our made-to-order collection, a 6' mirror for our changing room if anyone wanted to try dresses on, 3 roller banners, 2 standing lights (which we didn't use as we had no power to our stand), a big bag of leaflets, brochures, colour charts and info,  another big bag with large files in it showing pictures of all our wedding and bridesmaid dresses and also the diary.  Then we put on the top 3 mannequins in Bridal Gowns, 2 in bridesmaid dresses (1 adult and 1 teen) and 2 small flower girl sized in coordinating dresses. With the front seats as far forward as they would go (good job we both have short legs) Kim and I set off to the hotel with Kim clutching our handbags and lunch bags on her knee.

We arrived about 2 hours before opening time to get our stand set up and grab a quick cuppa before the doors opened.

Wedding fairs are a lot of work but most of us in the wedding industry are crazy enough about what we do and the lovely people we meet to keep on doing it.  Many thanks to everyone we met at the show and hopefully you will come and see us in the shop where we have thousands more things for you to see than we could ever take with us.


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