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Dana is a lovely junior version of Dinka, rouched top, broach detail and wide straps. a beautiful elegant dress for your teen.


Only three left;

Glacier, 10yrs.

Victorian Lilac, 6yrs.

Victorian Lilac, 10yrs.


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We also have the matching adult and child in Glacier;

Dinka, size us8 (uk 12).

Dale, age 4yre (Ivory with Glacier sash)

Also in Glacier we have;

Peach, size us26 (uk28)

Delisha, us22 (uk24)

Also in Vitorian Lilac we have;

Charlotte, us10 (uk14).

Charlotte Jnr, 10yrs.

Zaki us18 (uk20).

Dahlia, us12 (uk16).

Peony, us12 (uk16).